In Your Face-New York had two incredible hosts for our May episode: Emily Nussbaum and Baratunde Thurston.

New Yorkers don't do anything in moderation. That includes binge-watching TV. Learn the secrets of this critical skill from Pulitzer Prize winning TV critic for "The New Yorker" Emily Nussbaum who explained how she navigates through 400 hours of programming a week. Baratunde Thurston, NY Times best-selling author of "How to Be Black," explored Roseanne, climate change, piggish politicians and more.

Joining them was economist and Morning Joe panelist Steve Rattner on the city's loopy economy and Annabelle Gurwitch, who revisited her days and nights in New York's experimental theater scene. Julian Velard sang one of his New York flavored songs about love and real estate. And writer for the hit TV show "The Americans," Peter Ackerman presented Chapter IV of our serialized novella "Author to Come." Jazz legend Jay Leonhart leads the amazing 1-Train Band.