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When a multitude of New York's great women take the stage at In Your Face-New York it's bound to be an amazing evening. The NY Times calls our host Nellie McKay "a sly, articulate musician who sounds comfortable in any era" and Rolling Stone says she's "a renegade songwriter (she) finds modern resonances everywhere..." With an opinion on everything from Brillo pads to the Warhol show at the Whitney, Nancy Giles of CBS Sunday Morning will offer a few more. Back by popular demand the writing/drawing/ukulele playing team of Roz Chast and Patricia Marx return with a post Mother's Day look at "mothering" (with cartoons from their new book, "Why Don't You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?" Award winning author Meghan Daum will contribute chapter VIII of "Author to Come," and Bridget Kibbey (called the Yo-Yo Ma of the harp) will pluck the glorious strings of this celestial instrument. J. Hope Stein will bring poetry to the show as she reflects on life on a plastic island and Sybil Sage will explain why she won't be staying with you any time soon. Jay Leonhart leads the 1-Train Band.